Thursday, February 26, 2015

Joyful We Must Be

I found this awesome blog post, in which the author explains that many Christians are praying for God to give them something, to do something when all along, we already have it.  We already have the healing, we already have the answers.  And this goes together with the teachings that the answers are all in you, in your spirit.  Christ already came!  He already Atoned for our sins.  He already gave us the gifts we ask for.  We just need to find them.  Whenever you have a problem in your life, there is a gift inside that problem.  That gift is the way of Spirit to get your attention and wake you up to a better you!  To the answers that are already there but we're just to blind to see them.  We can't seem them so we need to wake up. Through our trials and problems we are forced to wake up and open our eyes to a new level of living that shows us more of who we really are and more of the gifts that God has already given us through the Atonement of His Son Jesus Christ, who already came and Atoned for us!  And how confusing it might be to God that we pray to get these things!  He probably shakes his head a little and says "But he already has it!".  The answers are in you.  We've already received all the blessings.  You have the power to gain perfect health, relationships and wealth.  As you draw nearer to God our eyes are open and we can see more of those gifts that are already in us.

This means that when we go to church on Sundays we must go with joyfulness.  Celebrating that God has already given us his blessings and goodness.  We must sing and dance in the knowledge that we are rich!  Rich in blessings, rich in love, rich in health, rich in money.  We have it all.  We should pray with thanksgiving rather than out of lack.  We should pray with faith.  Knowing that it's already there and asking that our eyes may be opened that we may see it.  We must pray throughout the day asking that we may see the people and things we come in contact with as answers to our problems.  When we do this our eyes begin to be opened and we awaken.  We awaken to the goodness of God.  His love for you!  Just because you don't feel His love and you don't see these gifts does not mean they are not there.  They have always been there.  You just weren't aware of them.  And the gifts never end.  This is the best part.  The love is infinite.  We can't understand it with our mortal mind. His love never ends.  His gifts to us never end.   And we can only receive them to the point that we are willing to open our hearts and receive them.  To open our eyes and see them.  And that is why the Bible says:
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.
Ephesians 1:3