Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Love is Giving Others Room to Grow

I love this post from Guy Finley in which he talks about the importance of staying in your own space instead of trying to change others by invading their space.  He explains that when we stay in our own space we will see miracles begin to happen.  This is possible when we try to hear God and focus on our own actions.  We then cease to be a victim of someone else's actions.  Instead we begin to connect to Truth and we are now playing on higher level of energy.

I have seen the movie Zorro many times before but I had never realized the wisdom in these words:
 "Stay in your circle. Don't go outside the circle for any reason whatsoever, because if you'll stay in your circle, what you need will come to you. Then, because you have remained in your circle, you will be able to deal with it on your terms."

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