Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Charity never faileth

I'm loving these words this morning by  Guy Finley:

For us, the fulfillment of our desires is the acquisition of things, isn't it? "Get him to like me," "Get more of this," "Get that to work." Our mindset works in these opposites of this and that, here I am and there I will become. The Truth is saying to us: "No, no, no, no. Love -- the rule of Divine Life -- before all things." When we live by the rule of Divine Life and its completely equitable (meaning fair, balanced) character, all the concerns we have about all the things we need to do and be... fall away.

A spark of Divine Grace, a celestial seed has been sown into each of us, creating a need to find for ourselves that Goodness which will make us whole and free. We can't create that seed. So what must we do to find the Love that buried this seed, this hidden treasure within us? In one respect, the only thing we can do as a man or a woman on this earth is see to it that the ground in which it lies is properly prepared, nourished, and given everything it needs to flourish. Because if we do that, then that which put this celestial seed in us sees to it that we are in relationship with the part of ourselves that we have been seeking in everyone and everything else throughout our lives.
During the last year of struggle that I went through I kept getting the message, "The answer is always charity.  Charity never faileth."  It's comforting to me to know that no matter what the dilemma or problem is, the answer is always the same, charity.  Charity will never fail you.  It is always the answer.

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