Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Letting Go

I found this email by Guy Finley in my inbox this morning and I'm totally loving it.  He says:

As the truth of our situation becomes clear -- that we experience in life what we are, no more, no less -- we can begin simply to release ourselves, to let go of what we're sure we must have to be free... and all of its certainty about how things should be. And, from out of this new awareness a whole new kind of need is awakened within us, one that goes before us at all times. It is a silent request to the Almighty: Please step in and rule this moment...we will find that God, in turn, places us where troubles can no longer touch us.
 What are you holding on to at this moment?  What can you release to God?  God doesn't just go with us.  He goes before us.

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