Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Stars, the Wind, the Trees, the Flowers!

Lately I have become totally entranced, mystified by the trees and the flowers.  Did you know that the branches of trees point upward to the sky because they are in constant praise and worship of God?  Did you know that when you are in tune with your heart, you can actually hear the flowers talk? 

I know I sound like a crazy person but it is true.  If we become truly quiet inside ourselves, expressing love, being love, we begin to listen to the messages found in nature, because it is in nature that God resides.  He created all things and they all praise Him.  When we get that quiet we can actually feel the gentle brush of truth.  It is like a subtle wind that brushes up against us in the quiet and even darkest moments of our life.  When we come to Him with questions, we get that soft wind blowing against us so gently that if we weren't so desperate to hear it, we might even miss it.  That is the gentle brush of truth.  It usually tells us who we really are, reminds us we are divine beings, reminds us of our power and of the happiness and joy that is our birthright.

 The Gentle Brush of Truth

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